The Push I Needed – Rhonda Baule, Iowa

Rhonda Baule

I started working at the University of Dubuque Childcare Center in October of 2009. I was hired as a floater to work with three age groups, Infants, buttonToddlers, and Twos. In August of 2010, I was assigned to work as the Infant room assistant. I was so excited that I was fortunate enough to work with the age group I had wanted. I was content and happy but our childcare center was expanding due to the need for more room. This meant that there was going to be a need for more lead teachers. The teacher I was working with encouraged me to possibly pursue additional education. She thought I would make “a great CDA”, and this was an opportunity I shouldn’t pass up.

I took her advice and enrolled in the Care Courses classes online. I worked full time and did my classes nightly. I worked on my Resource file nearly every day, and completed the additional tasks as well in a matter of 7 months. I was promoted to Lead Infant Room Teacher in August of 2011 (the teacher I worked with took a position with the toddlers). I am so happy that I went through the whole process and thankful that I have co-workers who think highly of me and gave me the confidence I needed. On October 13, 2011, I found out that I received my CDA credential. What a rewarding feeling. All my hard work paid off. Now I tell others about the CDA program and what a great opportunity it is. Many, many thanks to the Council for Professional Recognition.


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