It Was A Big Deal for me to Recieve my CDA

Sabrena Smith, Florida

It was a big deal for me to receive my CDA.  I was a Head Start child in one of the first pilot programs in Berkley Springs, West Virginia in 1965.  I became a Head Start teacher in 1987.  The requirement to be a teacher was a CDA.  The CDA Verification Visit was an amazing professional experience that changed my life.  The Representative inspired me to continue my career and become a Rep too.  I later earned my Masters, became a CDA Rep/Advisor and a NAEYC Validator.  I also taught the Early Ed and CDA courses for Head Start and vocational programs. I now am the director for all the Early Ed and CDA programs at Central Florida Institute of Training.  I love my job!

I was so glad to see CDA 2.0 launching.  It is the best of both worlds with the old/new combined in a high tech way. Bravo!  I am very excited about the new program and you have my support!


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