More than just a job … it’s a career.

Renee Hillian, Maryland
After ten years in the early childhood education field, Renee Hillian decided she needed to take steps toward making what was once just a job, a career – she decided to get her Child Development Associate Credential™.

“I’d been in childcare for a long time and when I moved to Maryland, everyone asked if I had my CDA,” she said. I decided to earn my credential because “I thought it was a good way to continue my education and I knew it would look good on my resume.”

Renee began building her portfolio as part of the application process. When she learned she could finish earning her credential through the Summer 2012 CDA Pilot Program, she said she was excited to give it a chance.

I take online classes and I thought, I’m on the computer anyway, so why not? she said.

The CDA Pilot Program was designed to simulate the experience of taking the CDA exam in a PearsonVUE testing center. The program mirrored the way the CDA exam will be administered in the CDA 2.0 process, which will begin in June 2013.

Overall, Renee said she was really impressed with the new certification process.  “It was a much easier process,” she said. “I think it was a good way to do the CDA.”

Since completing the Pilot Program and earning her CDA, Renee advocates for CDA and encourages her co-workers to earn The Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential.™

“If people really want childcare to be their profession, they should get a CDA,” she said. “Anybody can do it at any age and I think it’s a good professional step in your career.”

Renee Hillian
CDA recipient – August 2012


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