Florida Teacher Helps Community Flourish and Grow

February 28, 2019

Published by CounciLINK on February 28, 2019

Janine-MusumeciBuilding the future of our country begins with the high schoolers who will be teaching our youngest children.

Janine Musumeci understands this well so she’s laying the foundation of the future as an early childhood teacher at Plantation High School in Broward County, FL.

“Education,” she said, “goes in a cycle that we should introduce and encourage at an early age.”

Five years ago, this conviction led her to pioneer an early childhood program in Coral Springs that had been languishing for two years. Once she came on board, the program sprang to life and became a fully functioning early childhood center within the school. Mission accomplished, she was ready for a new challenge and came to Plantation High in the spring of 2018, where she has planted the seeds of a new early childhood education program.

The school is fertile ground for a program like this since there’s a tremendous need for early childhood educators in the community.

“There are many preschools and elementary schools within close proximity of our high school,” Musumeci said, “which will be an invaluable asset in growing our program.”

So will the makeup of the student body since many of Plantation’s teens aren’t college-bound.

“College is not for everyone and the students in this school tend to excel in a hands-on environment,” she said.

Musumeci’s program will give the students a future after graduation, especially since she plans to offer them the chance to earn a Child Development Associate (CDA®) credential. It’s the foundation of a strong career in early childhood education, as she understands, and it will benefit the next generation of children.

Musumeci said her goal is to launch a cycle of encouragement and education that will help her community flourish and grow.

Janine Musumeci is a CDA credential holder and teacher in Broward County, FL.


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