PD Specialists: Meeting the Needs of Our CDA Candidates

February 25, 2021

The Council is always in search of qualified CDA Professional Development (PD) Specialists™ who can meet the needs of our CDA candidates. If you know any early educators in your professional network with the experience and skills to serve as PD Specialists, invite them to apply. Please learn more about PD Specialists and feel free to share our recruitment brochure. It contains all the information and resources needed to become a CDA PD Specialist for the Council.

You can find out even more about the impact of the connection between PD Specialists and CDA candidates by watching the video below. Share it with your colleagues and consider joining us as a PD Specialist today!

View English    |   View Spanish

Also, be sure to visit the Community Profiles section of CounciLINK, featuring Jerry Graham and Tameka Donaldson. They’re two of the great PD Specialists whose sense of commitment and contributions are moving the ECE field ahead.


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