First CDA 2.0 Preschool Credential Holder – Tammy Squires, Florida (CounciLINK, June 2013)

Tammy Squires

Congratulations to Tammy Squires from Jacksonville, Florida, our first Preschool CDA  to earn her credential using the new online system. Tammy, a paraprofessional at Timucuan Elementary School, applied online and from application to award she was able to complete the credentialing process in just 3 days!  When asked what she loved most about her job, Tammy stated, “The children. I love to watch them grow and develop. It is very rewarding.” Tammy was encouraged by a fellow teacher at Timucuan Elementary to apply for her CDA credential, but it wasn’t until the teacher was promoted to District Coach for Early Childhood that Tammy was finally motivated to apply.

Tammy stated she worked very hard to earn her CDA and that the entire process took a lot of “dedication, determination and work” to accomplish what she did in such a short amount of time. When asked about the online application she stated, “It wasn’t hard at all,” and that she felt, “comfortable and confident during the verification visit. The PD Specialist was very inspiring and a great help.” She was able to schedule her test time and location online with no problem. Although she was a little nervous about taking the exam, her overall experience was very good.

“Applying for the CDA credential through the new process was great” says Tammy. “I feel you can never learn too much and I learned a lot through my experience.” Tammy is excited about what the future holds now that she has earned her CDA Credential.

Tammy is excited for what the future holds now that she has earned her CDA Credential and is encouraging her 23 year old daughter to invest in her professional development as well in Early Childhood Education.


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